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The role of flour in bread

2016/10/19 16:23
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The role and requirements of flour in bread
    1. The role of flour in bread
    (1) the formation of bread tissue structure Bread machinery, flour and water by mixing the formation of dough, which gluten protein absorbs the formation of gluten and expand into the network structure, starch and other substances stuffed in the gluten network organization. The CO2 gas produced by the dough fermentation is surrounded by small pores in the network and increases with the gas, and the dough volume expands. When the dough is baked, the gas in the air chamber is pressurized by the heat, and the moisture in the dough is also vaporized by heat to produce the vapor pressure, so that the dough is further expanded until the gluten is solidified and the starch is gelatinized and fixed, Sponge-like finished bread.
    Bread machinery flour flour in the gluten protein water after mixing to form a mesh gluten, play a role in supporting the bread tissue skeleton. Starch within the starch water swelling, and at the appropriate temperature gelatinization, fixed. These two aspects of the formation of the breadth of the organizational structure. The elasticity and extensibility of the gluten gives the dough a good build-up, so that the bread has an enlarged volume. The stronger the tendons, the bread is easy to get a good volume.
    (2) to provide the necessary energy for yeast fermentation When the amount of sugar in the bread formula less or no sugar, the dough within the yeast fermentation matrix will have to rely on flour to provide. A small amount of damaged starch in the flour is first degraded by the action of the enzyme, and finally the glucose is used for yeast.
    2. Bread on the quality of flour requirements
    Flour is the most important raw material to produce bread, only high-quality flour to produce.
The role of flour in bread